KBY’s Commitment to Diversity

We are passionate about diversity for one simple reason: It makes us better lawyers. We strive to see things differently, to think out of the proverbial box. To do that, we need to bring different life experiences and perspectives to the table, whether it’s the counsel table in the Courtroom or the conference table in the Boardroom.

Our attorneys come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Five of our attorneys grew up in homes in which English was not the sole or primary language. Three are second generation Americans whose parents immigrated to the United States, and one is a first generation American who immigrated as a child. KBY attorneys speak French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic (Lebanese dialect) and Korean. Almost half of KBY’s attorneys are women, and Summer Young-Agriesti has been recognized in 2013, 2014, and 2015 as one of Southern California’s Outstanding Young Women’s Lawyers.



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