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A reflection on labor and employment laws and issues and their impact on the future.

San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance

Employees in California who are eligible to take family leave, including leave for “baby bonding,” can receive up to 55% of their weekly wages (up to a maximum weekly benefit amount that is currently $1,129) for a period of 6 weeks through California’s “Paid Family Leave” program (funded through employee contributions to State Disability Insurance). 

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Is Uber Driving Us Toward a New Class of Worker?

Technology has radically changed the way we work.  It has freed us from notions of a static physical worksite and turned many Starbucks into a business center.  It has upended traditional ideas of work schedules and work days in ways that are both good and bad.  It has also created what has been termed “the online […]

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Small Things Matter

I had a chuckle the other day when I saw someone wearing a teeshirt with the following message:

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Managing Partner: Reflections on Diversity

I had the privilege recently of attending a conference organized by the California Minority Counsel Program.  The purpose of the conference was to promote the development of minority attorneys in the legal community.  Several hundred attorneys throughout the state attended.   

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An Ounce of Prevention

. . . is worth a pound of cure.  We’ve all heard it a thousand times.  Timeworn phrase though it is, the principle behind it is nonetheless true for California employers when it comes to safely navigating the rocks and shoals of California’s employment and wage/hour laws.

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California Adopts Limited Cure for Check Stub Violations

On October 2, 2015, Governor Brown signed as emergency legislation an amendment to the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). The amendment allows employers to cure certain technical check stub violations that form the basis of a PAGA claim.

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